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Study in Khanh Hoa, One of the Most Awesome Places In Vietnam

Khánh Hòa is a province of Vietnam located in the South Central Coast. It has a population of 1,147,000 and spans an area of 5,197 km². Its capital is Nha Trang

Khánh Hòa Province has an area of 5,197 km2 (2,007 sq mi). Its geographical coordinates are 108°40’33″ to 109°27’55″ E and 11°42’50″ to 12°52’15″ N.

The provincial coastline spreads from Đại Lãnh Commune to the end of Cam Ranh Bay with 385 km (239 mi) of coastline featuring numerous creek mouths, lagoons, river mouths, and hundreds of islands and islets. The province also administers large territorial waters. The Spratly Islands are part of the province’s Trường Sa District. The coastline is indented by several bays, most notably the four bays of Vân Phong Bay, Nha Phu Bay, Nha Trang Bay (Cù Huân) and Cam Ranh Bay, of which Cam Ranh Bay with an area of around 200 km2 (77 sq mi), encompassed by a mountain range, is regarded as one of the three best natural seaports in the world. Cam Ranh Bay is strategically important and has been used as a naval base by several major powers throughout history.