This course introduces learners to the concepts of object-oriented programming. The course covers introductory elements of object-oriented programming including inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction, aggregation and advanced concepts like error handling, file handling and Python libraries. Learners will be able to understand the methodologies of architecting an object-oriented programming solution and implement it to solve a business problem.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Use the class inheritance to design better code.
  • Understand classes and objects, constructors and destructors, and control structures in Python.
  • Explain how polymorphism is achieved through Python code.
  • Learn syntax, features, and how to utilize the Python libraries.
  • Explain how to create functions and Lambda functions in Python.
  • Use exception handling in Python programs.
  • Understand database connectivity and querying in Python.

Class and objects

In this module you will learn to create classes and objects of the class and to define methods and all them for a particular function,multiple ways to create objects,access modifiers in python and how to use them.

Relationship with classes

  • In this module you will learn different types of relationships with classes and what is Association,Aggregation, Composition and how to interrelate the classes using these concepts.


  • In this module you will learn what is inheritance and different types of inheritance(Simple, Multiple and Multilevel inheritance) and to implement the learnt concepts on the questions to code.


In this module you will learn what is Thread and the lifecycle of a Thread and to implement Threads using Thread Class and the thread API methods and the thread Synchronization and Thread Interaction.


In this module you will learn what Exception handling is in Python and the classes involved in Exceptions,try-finally-catch clauses and the code level implementation of Exception handling in Python.

DB Connection

In this module you will learn about database programming,benefits of DB,Database-API,errors and Exception Handling in DB programming by solving problems and code level implementation of Database connection in Python, Database connection using SQL and its Operations.

Abstract Classes

In this module you will learn about the Abstract classes and the necessary keywords to be used in abstract classes,code level implementation of abstract classes in Python.


In this module you will learn about StreamWriters and their functioning, StreamReaders and their functioning,StreamReaderWriter and their functioning and the code level implementation of Streams and Writers in Python.


In this module you will learn about the need for annotations and use available annotations,to define custom annotations, Lambda expressions,scoping rules for Lambda expressions and code level implementation of Lambda in Python.


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